March 01 2023

What makes us innovative?

Lessons Learned – After decades in the making and overcoming industry pitfalls, we set out to build a ball valve solution with you in mind, America. Our focus is to bring together ingenuity, and innovation, with our progressive seal technology and American-made quality, in a new ball valve company – EDi.

March 08 2023

Why do Americans depend on us?

Steel – tough like you and who knows that better than us? Forged and manufactured in America, our innovative patents come from those who know the ball valve industry and the Americans who depend on them. Everything we produce is manufactured here in the USA with pride and durability – assuring quality exceeds all expectations.

March 16 2023

Can you handle the pressure?

The attention to detail that we’ve made a priority covers comprehensive, innovative technology introducing 4 Contoured Front Sealing Faces and 4 Flat Backside Sealing Faces. We know that improvement on low and high-pressure conditions are not a luxury – but a necessity, and that’s why we created bubble-tight sealing in all floating ball valve applications. Our dynamically energized seat is designed to be self-relieving on the upstream side, reducing operating torques.

March 22 2023

Do you have the ultimate pipeline edge?

We offer 3 ball valve solutions that optimize a durable design and reliable, fast-acting on/off control. Focusing on what American pipelines need, we’ve made design decisions based on intuitive flow control and created a proprietary shutoff with bubble-tight progressive seal technology™*.

Our experience and knowledge give us the edge to lead the way in pressure regulation and high-temperature applications with all 3 valves we manufacture.

Built by Americans for Americans, ask us how we can help you revolutionize.

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EDi manufacturing is located in Oklahoma City, OK. Products are available exclusively through distribution.

Let’s build the future together!