Series EF - Flanged Floating Ball Valve

High Performance Floating Ball Valve

EF Key Features

✔ Extra Large Stem for strength, operation and safety
✔ Enhanced Ball to Stem Engagement
✔ Auxiliary Stem Sealing
✔ Integrated Safety Shear Slot
✔ Anti-Static feature (eliminate electrostatic discharge).
✔ Increased Wall Thickness on Forged Bodies
✔ High Performance 2K Paint System
✔ Superior Break Resistance using Robust Stop Plate System

Progressive Seal Technology™

Next Generation Easy Grip Handle

"Never Slip" Actuator Mounting System

Optimized Stem Shaft Drivetrain System

Key Features:

Floating Ball Valve
Series ES - Screwed Body


Floating Ball Valve
Series EF - Flanged


Floating Ball Valve
Series EB - Bolted Body

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